Hello! I’m Charene


About me

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC), I am a member in good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). This means I have met academic, clinical competence and professional requirements and committed to practice according to stringent professional and ethical standards.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Victoria and a Master of Arts in Counselling from City University in Canada. I am a graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute. I had the privilege in my internships of working in-person at local non-profit counselling centres and online at a Canada-wide virtual counselling practice. Before that, I volunteered as a lay counsellor at a telephone crisis line and a transition house for women who had experienced violence in their intimate relationships.

I love my work. I am inspired every day by the courage and wisdom of the people who share their stories and journeys with me. I have benefited from doing my own personal work with counsellors at various stages of my life – people who were professional and kind, separate yet engaged, without judgment or investment in a particular outcome, simply there to support me – and it is my honour to offer the same to the people I see in my practice.

Creating a space that feels safe and welcoming to you is a priority for me because I believe we do our best work when we can both show up with authenticity, trust, open-hearted curiosity, and a shared commitment to collaboration.

I am a lifelong student of human relationships. I love to read, think, write, and talk about the relationships we have with ourselves and others, and all the ways these contribute to how we respond to various opportunities and challenges in our lives.

In my free time, I enjoy adventuring with my young-adult children, exploring forests and beaches with my dog, curling up with a good book, travelling, and connecting with friends over good food and lots of laughter.

This, briefly, is me. I am looking forward to having an opportunity to get to know you too.

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

Brene Brown headshot black and white

Brené Brown

Why A Stack of Stones Counselling?

Stacks of stones have been used in cultures all around the world since ancient times. In Scotland, where my ancestors lived, these stacks are called cairns. They are used to help travellers find the right path through terrain that is difficult to navigate and for marking important landmarks on a journey. I believe this idea of creating or finding the best path and tethering to important moments fits well with how I practice counselling.

Also, I am drawn to the image of a stack of stones. I think it is a beautiful portrayal of natural beauty, strength, and balance.

These are my connections to the name. I would love to hear how it speaks to you!